The Real Internet Giants



Kathryn Parsons is on a mission to demystify the digital world. She has taught data, coding and cyber skills to half a million people across the globe. In this series Kathryn turns her attention to Russia and China, exploring the innovations, systems and structures which define these two forces in global technology.

In this first episode, Kathryn explores the factors that have made China a leading global player in tech and examines its ambitions to overtake the United States in digital supremacy. With the help of industry insiders, leading innovators and tech experts, Kathryn uncovers the leading tech trends, profiles the key figures and analyses the points where China’s politics and technology interact, as the nation faces increasing international scrutiny.

Contributors: Lillian Li – writer of SubStack Newsletter Chinese Characteristics, China Analyst Christina Boutrup, Dr Samantha Hoffman of the Australian Strategic Policy Institue, Adrian Simpson – co founder of Wavelength and Dr Wanli Min of North Summit Capital.

Produced by Sam Peach