CNBC: A.I.: Beyond the Hysteria and Hype

AI: Beyond the Hysteria and Hype - Dr Wanli Min, Alibaba Chief Machine Intelligence Scientist

With a multiplicity of definitions, applications and rapidly evolving technological capabilities, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a subject which polarizes popular opinion. Key protagonists remain divided in their assertions on whether AI will ultimately benefit society or destroy it. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is an AI which can carry out any cognitive function that a human can.

The key distinction between the Narrow AI applications we see today (in the form of Alexa, IBM Watson, Siri and others) and true AGI involves goal-setting and volition. Crucially, AGI will have the ability to reflect on its goals and decide whether to adjust them. While this is in itself an extraordinary feat of human technological achievement, many fear that Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) will one day go beyond this, surpassing human cognition.

Examining the myths vs. realities of utopian hopes and dystopian fears, this pivotal session is sure to provide an enlightening debate on how we can harness the true potential of AI, exploring the rapidly changing relationship between man and machine. Dr Wanli Min, Chief Machine Intelligence Scientist, Alibaba: Dr. Wanli Min received Ph.D in Statistics from The University of Chicago.

He joined Alibaba Group in 2013 to build a data scientist team for e-commerce platform. Since 2015, he has been leading Alibaba Cloud’s efforts on big data and AI for Industry and developed ET Brain series in City, Industry, Agriculture, Aviation and Environment. Prior to Alibaba, he had worked at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, IBM Singapore and Google as researcher and business innovation leader. Dr. Min holds many patents in various fields of stochastic process, network flow dynamics, EEG Brainwave analysis and manifold learning.

His research in traffic network flow has made him a primary contributor to the development of smart city in many cities. He is appointed by Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology to the National Strategic Advisory Committee on next generation of AI. He is also recognized by Forbes among leading figures of AI in China.